Kretschmar Premium Deli Off The Bone Honey Ham

Kretschmar Premium Deli Off the Bone Honey Ham offers a convenient sandwich filling that's already sliced and ready to eat so you can quickly add it to sandwiches or snacks. Real honey adds a rich sweetness to complement our off the bone deli ham, creating a taste the whole family can enjoy. Each bite delivers the bone-in taste and quality of hand-trimmed ham that's smoked for hours without the prep work in a ham off the bone deli meat that's ready to serve. Our honey ham lunch meat comes sliced fresh from the deli, giving you consistently thick pieces that go perfectly onto your meals. Warm up slices of our sweet ham to go onto bakery rolls for a hot sandwich at home, or keep it cold and pair with fresh veggies for a gourmet brown bag lunch. Chop up a few slices of our deli fresh honey ham to go into your salads or omelettes for extra protein and flavor. Keep our honey cured ham in your refrigerator deli drawer to keep it fresh. Try the legendary taste of Kretschmar today.