Jimmy Dean® Snack Size Maple Sausage Biscuit Sandwiches, 10 Count (Frozen)

The best days start with sausage and biscuits. Featuring sweet and savory sausage patties on mini golden baked biscuits, Jimmy Dean® Snack Size Maple Sausage Biscuit Sandwiches are delicious to the last bite. With 8 grams of protein per serving, these tasty little sandwiches are perfect for breakfast or snacking. Simply microwave and serve for a warm biscuit sandwich at home or on-the-go. Includes 10 individually wrapped biscuit sandwiches. Can a breakfast sandwich make the world a brighter place? That’s a mighty big task for a sandwich, but at Jimmy Dean®, we’re ready for it. When you start your morning off right it can lead to a great day, and you can even pass that sunshine on to others. And if everyone has a great day, imagine all the good we can do. So let’s do it - let’s shine it forward and make this world a brighter place one breakfast sandwich at a time. One package of 10 Individually wrapped snack size breakfast sandwiches Features maple sausage patties on golden baked biscuits 8 grams of protein per serving Made with real ingredients Ready in minutes and easy to prepare Simply heat in the microwave and serve