CLIF® Athlete Series Bloks® Strawberry Energy Chews 18-2.12 oz. Box

As an athlete and Clif Bar's founder, I've enjoyed my share of Clif Shot® Energy Gels. But after countless miles of training and racing, I realized it was time to expand the options, which is why we created Clif Bloks™ Energy Chews. Made from organic ingredients that deliver quick energy, Clif Bloks come in delicious, bite-size pieces so you can easily customize your sports nutrition. Plus, with our unique packaging, accessing your nutrition has never been easier. So if you're ready for more variety, grab some Bloks the next time you head out the door.Adventure on, Gary Easy AccessTear packet then push Clif Bloks up and out. Sleek and PortableEnables one-handed use and easily fits in a bike jersey, running shorts, or a backpack.